Thursday, 1 December 2011

abre at international herald tribune

the 22nd of November abre appeared in the printed edition of the international herald tribune.
the article was about designers and brands that use leather, but even though the pieces from abre that the journalist chose are made with waxed cotton I was lucky to be included anyway.

the text from the article

...And for those who avoid wearing leather, the Paris-based, Colombian-born designer Ana Escobar has found an alternative. Her waxed-cotton piece recreates the appearance of leather; the large intricate necklaces are based on traditional embroidery, knotting and braiding methods, then embellished with irregular glass sea beads and brass clasps.

Cotton is more adapted to her work because it is softer and more flexible, she explained, adding that her works seek a balance between “geometrical and organic, calculated and random, the imperfect beauty of the human hand and the accuracy of high-tech methods, mixing metal smith, weaving, embroidering, laser-cut.”

printed version 22 november 2011 or online version at

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