Thursday, 15 November 2012

Abre in Kristofer Kongshaug's shooting for ego34

For the second time, super talented desginer Kristofer Kongshaug has included some of abre's pieces in one of his shootings.  (thanks Kris!)

This one was for Ego34 , a platform that was created with the purpose of showing the last collection of talented independent designers.

I love the way the stylist mixed the braids necklaces with the long hair of the model. In his own way he captured the image I had in mind when I first did the series, like the braids from Frida Kahlo or the ones my mother used to do to me when I was a kid.

All garments: Kristofer Kongshaug
Photografer: Ricardo Gomes
Styling: Benjamin Brouillet
model: Anna at studio KRLP
make up: Magalie Roux
assistant styling: Remi Felipe

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